Terms and conditions 2019

Ultra Sky Andes Infernal is a Trail, Skyrunning and Ultra Sky event that will take place in an area close to the ski centers above Santiago, divided into 5 distances; 15K, 28K 35K, 80K and 300K. Approximate distances.

Dates: It will take place from the 11th to the 18th of January 2019, however, given the location, if the climate and / or security conditions do not allow it, it is feasible that its execution could be delayed by 24 hrs, or the distances may be modified and shortened during the course of the event. Start times of the races in one or all of its distances also may be adjusted due to weather conditions. It is also possible that the cutoff times be modified.

DAY 11
80k 22:00 PM


DAY 12
35k 07:00 AM
28k 07:00 AM
300k 07:00 AM

15k 10:00 AM

Andes Infernal uses a unified award system of both sexes and has no age categories. The first 5 runners are awarded in each distance. By means of a special formula (available on this website), the career time of women, children under 18 and over 30 years is reduced.

Runners older than 18 may participate in the races. 18 years old on or before January 11, 2019.

Minors must present a notarized authorization and present on the day of competition to the organization by a responsible adult.


Particularities of each distance
Distances are approximate and may vary for safety. The detailed description is found on the respective page of each distance and are an integral part of these bases


35 and 80K in its final section must cross a glacier, upon arriving at this point the runners must be equipped with crampons, harness and support their crossing with running poles. The organization provides some pairs of crampons. But if a runner carries his own, he has priority in the crossing. Under no circumstances should they run on this stretch. If they do, it will be an immediate cause of disqualification. If two or more runners meet at the crossing, they are not considered time discounts. Runners will be blocked due to bad weather or if a runner is not in adequate conditions to continue at the discretion of the safety team. In that case he will be disqualified automatically and directed back to starting point of race and/ or assisted if necessary.


Content at aid stations / hydration points (except 300K)
The aid stations will have snacks, water, isotonic, hot liquids (tea, coffee, soup). The availability of hot water can be limited by the effect of altitude and excess demand. Runners must carry their food and food reserve along with liquids.  


Mandatory equipment
Each distance has mandatory equipment, it will be checked before the race, anywhere along the route and after crossing the finish line. Not carrying it or not using it where it is due (eg helmet and crampons) will be cause for immediate disqualification.  


Cell and marking
The route will not be marked, except in some critical points. Runners must run with the View Ranger app. In most of the routes there are no alternative paths or large trees that hinder navigation (except the 300K) This method requires and allows runners to be much more attentive to their environment. GPS alert includes voice prompts at important or dangerous points. Runners must run with a single headset to be aware of the environment.

 You must have a complete understanding of it and have previously tested the compatibility with your phone. As a precaution it is advisable that the race be checked at regular intervals, even if you have not delivered sound alerts or vibration. If you are out of route, you must restart the app, locate yourself and return to the nearest point by the safest way. The cell phone must be fully charged and have backup battery. The use of is mandatory, it must also be configured according to the instructions given on this website. It is recommended to carry it close to the body so that it receives heat. On the trails there are many points where there is cell phone signal, even at the top of Cerro El Plomo, depending on the cellular company and weather conditions.

In case of emergency you should call the numbers that the organization will have available.


The runner who leaves the race must necessarily inform the closest control. To avoid distracting valuable resources in your search that may delay the attention to another runner that requires it. When you reach the finish line, you must pass through the side of the finish line in order not to activate the electronic control system, if there is one.


Cutoff times
Due to the climatic complexity of the Andes mountains the distances will have a cutoff time informed on the website. These cutoff times may vary depending on the weather conditions. Times may be cut in case of bad weather or extended in case of good conditions.


Medical control
In Refugio Federación and in other areas, the security team will check each runner and decide without possibility of appeal, whether or not the runner can continue in the race according to previously established criteria, oxygen saturation, body temperature, state of consciousness, balance , etc. It is the obligation of the runner to go through the check point and if tried to evade check point runner will be automatically disqualified.


Medical examinations, certificate and medical record
To detect a possible asymptomatic problem, blood tests, an electrocardiogram of effort and a general consultation are recommended. You must download a special certificate format for it to be signed by your doctor and additionally a file with medical history and general data available online. Only our medical partner will have access to this medical form with the object that can detect any potential risk. Additionally it will be used in case of emergency the day of the race.


Selection process and Sports Curriculum
To be accepted in the race, it is mandatory that runners complete an online application form prior to the registration, except the 15K and 28K runners, indicating your resume in Trail, Skyrunning or Asphalt races. If you have experience in the mountains, including seniors, list altitudes reached  and based on this document, you will ratify the distance chosen. The changing of race distance towards a lower distance from which you have been approved will be allowed until the closing of the inscriptions.


It will be the responsibility of the runner to pass through the control points. The security team will notify the cutoff times based on time or weather. Depending on the wind conditions, it is possible that the summit is equipped only with a marking system whose procedure will be notified on the spot.


The runner understands that given the extreme conditions of the race, there are certain risks that you should consider such as; risk of heart attack, risk of suffering from altitude sickness, aneurysms, severe hypoglycaemia and possibly even death. While it is true, the route does not have a very high level of difficulty, as in any Trail race, there are risks of falls that can cause fractures, sprains, injuries, etc. Given the geographical location, the assistance may take sometime to reach the runner, therefore, if the runner is conscious, he must make use of his obligatory safety equipment. In case of accident and according to the seriousness, it will be attended with the medical resources that the organization has in the place during the event. The ambulance (s) will be in the area near the starting line. On the trail, the closest help will be found at the check points run by mountaineers. If it is necessary to transfer the runner to a medical center, it will be the closest and most appropriate to where the emergency occurred. All medical expenses once the runner is admitted to the center, or transfers to other medical centers and / or subsequent medical expenses must be addressed by the runner and can not hold accountable the organizer or its sponsors. The organization will have a rescue helicopter for the event only if a number of 800 registered runners is reached. If the number is lower in an emergency, state services will be used. It should also consider that the air rescue has certain operating restrictions either by geographical location or by weather conditions at the time. During any training runs there will be no medical services, except for first aid. In the event of an emergency, each runner must finance an eventual evacuation and subsequent medical expenses. The runner releases the organizer, producer of the race and sponsors from all responsibility, as he/she declares to know the risks. 

 Kit delivery 
The runners kit must be picked up with an legal identification card/passport on the day of the competition.


Any external aid that allows a runner to advance faster will be an immediate reason for disqualification. Not respecting the Staff of the race

Cutting distance

Not helping an injured runner on the trail

Impersonate or be supplanted by another runner

Throwing trash

Show up outside of schedules to the start or other obligatory activities

Alter or remove the marking material from the route

Go through the meta sensors having been cut.

Skipping a control point.

Not following the instructions of the race staff.

No one can continue the race having been cut off for reasons of time, medical or security.

They cannot continue in the race or even at their own risk.

If someone resists complying with the instructions, it will be filmed, and will be unable to participate permanently in this race.

If product of its action requires rescue, the runners who continue in competition will be prioritized.


Only accredited runners, staff and volunteers will have access to services during the race.  


Accident insurance
The organization strongly requests that runners take out accident insurance. Spot satellite system insurance and ITRA accident insurance are suggested.


Refunds and suspension of the race
In case of suspension of the race due to force majeure, the portion of the amount paid that has not been used in the pre-production of the race and without considering the commission of the registration platform will be refunded. If the runner wishes, he can leave it for the next version. Cancelation due to climate causes is not considered within the causes of refund. Registration will not be returned if the runner did not complete the application process correctly, or did not provide a medical certificate. The runner cannot invoke refund from injury, force majeure, or any other reason.


Authorization and irrevocable transfer of rights of image, name and voice
The runner expressly authorizes the organizer and / or sponsors of the race to use any means to register the event, to take photographs and images of themselves or in the company of third parties and / or to film it, record their voice, sounds, conversations and / or testimonies, being able to give said images and sounds any legitimate use. Likewise, it expressly authorizes the organizers and / or sponsors to disseminate their personal and / or biographical information in relation to the race. All this, with the understanding that the privacy of the runner and / or companions is not violated at all. In this sense, the runner gives in this act in a free and irrevocable way in favor of the organizers and / or sponsors their rights of image, name and voice for free and unlimited use by them in all media, including the Internet when accepting these bases during the registration process, and / or participating in the race, with no obligation on their part of payment or any consideration.

The broker acknowledges that the material obtained is owned by the organizers and / or sponsors, and that the present assignment will not expire in time, so all the photographs; images or sounds of any kind obtained during the race, as well as the personal and biographical information of the runner may be used at any time, and the organizers and / or sponsors may even assign it to third parties, even after the race has ended. In Santiago January 11, 2018, read carefully; Once the conditions established above have been understood and analyzed, the registration to this event indicates the compliance of these bases and constitutes a complete and unconditional acceptance of its contents.




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